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Stock Screener Intraday

Symbol LTP(chng/vol) OHL Fut OI Oi S/R PD H/L ORB CPR Pivot On Cam
UBL2127.95 (2.74% / 48.52%)O=LSBld1900/2100 >PDH Bel 1H > TC Above R3
-> R4
ULTRACEMCO10826.00 (3.47% / 113.12%)N/ALUnw10000/11200Mid > TC P - R1
UPL538.90 (-0.16% / 49.77%)N/ALUnw550/600 < PDL < BC Below S3
-< S4

Stock EOD Screener

PTr Symbol LTP BB RSI 50 200 VOL VSMA OI DEL P u/d V u/d
UBL 2066.90 mid 59.73 1958 1786 -42.73% -0.96% -7.78% 3Up
ULTRACEMCO 10662.40 mid 54.99 10218 9493 24.09% -2.26% 14.55% 3Up
UPL 565.95 mid 64.78 522 546 -26.87% -0.73% 35.66%

Super Trend Direction : Green Arrow -> Up Trend, Red Arrow -> Down Trend
OHL : Open = High or Open = Low,
Fut OI : Futures Open Interest Build, Oi S/R : Option Chain Open interest Based Support & Resistance Levels,
PD H/L : LTP is greater than Previous Day High or lower than Previous Day Low,
ORB : open range breakout of 1st hour (9:15AM - 10:15AM),
ON : LTP crossover On Pivots , CPR : Central Pivot Range.
Cam :Camarilla Levels :
Price Above R4 Camarilla Level
Price Between R4 and R3 Camarilla Levels
Price Between R3 and S3 Camarilla Levels
Price Between S3 and S4 Camarilla Levels
Price Below S4 Camarilla Level
PTr : Positional Trend, 50 -> 50EMA, 200 -> 200EMA, VSMS -> 20 Vol SMA, DEL -> Delivery %,
P u/d : Price up from n days / Price down from n days, V u/d : Volume up from n days / Volume down from n days
Last Updated at : 2024-06-22 15:34:02.
Oi S/R Updated at : 2024-06-21 15:15:12.
Technical Screener 5MIN TF Updated at : 2023-12-18 15:34:59.

If you want to know how to use this website please contact us on Telegram @mystockrishi
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